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23rd-Aug-2012 01:15 am - (no subject)
ihearttoronto ----> madeofstone

yay. finally changed it. having a job kicks ass lol!
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28th-Feb-2014 12:07 pm(no subject)
I come back from a long ass hiatus, and a whole bunch of crap goes on. Both online and rl.

What has happened these past few months:
*Health is declining. as usual. Trying to find the $ to see doctors, but I have no luck. I need some rich friends. :/
*A new baby has arrived into the household. So things are hectic. No, I'm not a mommy. :P but let's just's not as quiet as it used to be.
*My job search is at a dead end. I'm sick of it. :/
*I used to go online a few hours a I'm lucky if I even get on once a week!!
*My computer keeps crashing constantly. I can't seem to get ANYTHING done.
*Jeff keeps playing his games. I love him but I hate him.

so there you have it. :P not exactly thorough but no1curr anyway.
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6th-Jan-2014 04:18 am(no subject)
Oh great, here comes the Valentine's Day/lovey dovey graphics. :'( I HATE YOU, JEFF!!

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29th-Dec-2013 07:50 pm(no subject)
Howdy yall! GREAT NEWS!! :D I had a GREAT Christmas. My sister got me a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, and I was FINALLY able to get the game!! And I have to say…I LOVE IT!! :D I’m so happy. It’s really fun. Also got the telepods pack at Target with my gift card (that she also got me)

happy days are here again

(I also put AB Star Wars 2 on there, because that game would freeze all the time on my old tablet. and I can’t get my old scores back, so I’m starting from the beginning. It’s worth it, though)

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18th-Dec-2013 10:51 pm(no subject)
Made these for a Google logo challenge at landofart

HERE!!Collapse )
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30th-Jul-2013 08:12 pm(no subject)

i would give birth to kittens if i could
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1st-Jul-2013 02:47 am(no subject)
howdy y'all!

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30th-Jun-2013 01:20 am(no subject)
Well...goodbye paid account. It was good while it lasted :( Since I'm not that active on LJ anymore, i don't see a point on renewing it. I mostly got the paid account for all the userpics. But it's just not worth it. I'm fine with 15 pics.

siiiiigh :( i'm sad now. i know it's only $5, i just don't feel like renewing.

if anyone wants to for me, that'd be fine. but until i get a job, i can't pay for this anymore :(

i'm not leaving LJ, btw
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14th-Mar-2013 11:27 pm(no subject)
ooohhh!! i like how you can customize the feed page now. background pics and colored entry headers, yay! :D
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30th-Jan-2013 06:23 pm(no subject)
you've gotta be fucking kidding me

Me: i think we should see a couple's therapist. i know of someone. it's FREE. you just need AHCCCS. i'll make an appt. (even if you don't go with me, i still need to see her) i'm gonna go now. ttyl 4:35 PM
Jeff Miller: I dont want 2 go

he doesn't even want to try. ASSHOLE. i seriously don't think we'll make it to our 1 year anniv.
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